Each other


I am sitting at this bar
Right next to the laundry
I am drinking my coffee
And I am thinking about you

How everything was
When we just met
When I wanted to know
Everything about you
And you wanted to know
Everything about me

I think about you
How I used to be
Around you
How you made me feel
It was like
All we needed
Is each other

How everything was
That winter
When we lived together
And all we had
Was each other
And we were not enough
Or maybe too much

We both needed something
That was not the other
So we fell apart
And hoped
That we will find
What we lost
When we decided
That we just need each other

And now I am sitting at this bar
Where I used to sit with you
And now more than ever
"You don't know what you have until it's gone"
Is true

- about everything we need