For a great man


A little book with a little story for a great man. The great man should keep the little book with the little story and bring it to his great travels. When the great man feels a little lonely on his great travels he should take the little book with the little story. Because the little book with the little story is supposed to make the great man feel a little less lonely on his great travels.

Once there was a little boy, growing up in a country so absurd, you won’t believe it’s real. The country, called Alegria, has the greenest trees with the most exotic animals. Also it has the most and biggest monsters, called machines, killing those trees and those animals. The country has the most beautiful, loveliest and happiest humans living in it. And it has the most cruel monsters, also called humans, who carry guns but no love, neither for the earth nor for the other humans. And here, in Alegria, a little boy lived in his little world. His little world included his mom, a lovely lady with a big heart, loving her family more than herself. His dad, a wise and serious man, but dare you say his heart was not at least as big as his wife’s, it surely was. His brother of who people said he is taking life too serious, but if one takes a closer look, one can clearly see that all he aims is doing the right thing for his family, out of love. And the little boys friends, a funny group of little boys with different perspectives and principles and opinions but equal in their friendliness, kindness and care for each other. And also part of his little world were his little machines, on which he used to play day and night. Looking at this little life, one might say he grew up happy. Not saying, that it was always easy. Probably, it was not easy at all sometimes. Probably, it was really hard sometimes. Probably, not only sometimes. Probably it was often really hard for the little boy. He struggled finding his place, his path and himself. Sometimes happy, sometimes struggling, the little boy grew up, became a little man. Becoming a little man, the world he lived in felt too little. The little man soon wanted to make his way out of his little world. So, he did. Not saying, that this was easy. Neither making it possible to leave his little world, nor the leaving itself was easy. It’s absurd, but humans from Alegria cannot go and live where they want, one should know at this point. Some humans make life hard for other humans, one should know. They create boarders and rules, putting themselves higher than others.

But the little man made it. The day he turned his back to Alegria, little drops, looking like water, ran down his parents faces the moment the little man got on a machine with the dream to make his little world bigger. Little drops, looking like water, come out of humans eyes and run down their cheeks in some occasions, one must know. The cause, for these drops running, can be any. It can be fear or pain that make human lose the little drops looking like water of their eyes. The cause for the wet cheeks of the little man’s parents, when he got into the machine to leave the beautiful cruel country, might be a broken heart. On this beautiful planet called earth, where the story of the little man took place, closeness and attachment is growing between and among the creatures, especially among the humans. I don’t know about the cruel humans, I am just a hand writing a story about a little man going on great travels, probably those don’t, but the beautiful, lovely, happy ones build a connection with each other. And the little man’s mom and the little man’s dad, surely one can imagine what kind of strong connection they had with the little man! By making love, they gave him life. Without even being in this world, still in his mother’s womb, they loved him already. They loved him, just for being. They loved and accepted him, so he could love and accept himself and others. The unconditional love they gave, gave the little boy what he needed to become a little man. And probably it also gave him the strength and power to be brave enough to leave them and find his place, his path and himself.

Beginning the great journey, the little man found himself in a country called Éire. Éire was not as absurd as Alegria, but also had his paradoxes. Even though, he was a young and independent man, far away from his little world, free one might think, he wasn’t free somehow. The humans in Éire do not make it easy for the humans not born there, and they make it extra hard for humans from countries like Alegria. Probably, out of jealousy because of their beautiful trees, animals and humans. And maybe because of fear from their cruel people. So, the little man truly struggled in the beginning. Especially the first year made him think from time to time that he might have been an idiot to leave Alegria, his mom and his dad, his brother and his friends, to live in Éire. The little man worked his little ass off on the streets and also got his heart broken in a way that made him think that it will never ever get whole again. But time passed by and after a while he found himself living in a house that felt like little Alegria, that felt like home, and he found himself studying machines, what gave him joy. And without knowing, he was happier than ever, since he finally started finding his place, his path and himself. Some water had ran down the Liffey when the little man met a little woman on the streets of Éire in the middle of the night. From that night on, his plans and dreams expanded from just including him, to including him and her. The little man left Éire to live with the little woman in Arctic, her home country. The day he turned his back to Éire little drops, looking like water, ran down his friends faces, knowing, that a period of their life is over. A period, full of struggling, but fuller of laughing and enjoying life, is also a cause for the humans to lose the little drops looking like water out of their eyes.

The little man knew that the time in Arctic will be limited. Knowing that this time will be the start of a time he was awaiting since he started his great journey made him sure that it will feel like paradise. Spending the whole day with his passion and living with the little woman, he thought nothing can go wrong anymore. But, one must know, being sure that nothing can go wrong is mostly a sign that things will go wrong. So, humans from Arctic, like humans from Éire, make it hard for humans from beautiful countries like Alegria. So, the little man struggled, even more than in Éire with the system. And, he never expected that to happen, struggled living together with the little woman. The sparkles that normally surrounded them when they were together froze with the cold in Arctic. Instead of the sparkles they had little drops looking like water ran down their two faces so often, that it felt like a miracle when their faces stayed dry. Disillusioned from a times that was supposed to be the beginning of the time of his life, the little man returned to Alegria and left the Arctic and the little woman behind.

Being in Alegria again, surrounded by the little man’s mother, his father, his brother and his friends the little man felt like having a break from the search of his place, his path and himself. Some days he felt like he failed his aim for his great travels, finding his place, his path and himself. And even if being back in Alegria felt good, felt right and felt warm, he wanted to go back on the other side of the planet and continue to try.

So, the little man’s great travels continued in a country called Luxemburgo. Giving his heart what it was asking for, he started kissing the little woman again and the sparkles came back, even more than before. The little man tried very hard to find his place in Luxemburgo. But being far away from Alegria again felt harder than it ever felt in Éire. Luxemburgo didn’t make him feel at home either. The little man could not find his place in the little country. He struggled feeling attached and connected with other humans, these attachments not only cause little drops looking like water, one must know, they are also essential for a humans heart to survive. Disillusioned, disappointed and frustrated for another time, the little man packed his little suitcase, left Luxemburgo and made his way home again.

Being back in Alegria, the little man felt home again. His heart felt better, surrounded by his family and friends. But he knew, that this was not the end of his great travels.

Somewhere between all this places, all the time that has passed by, between all the other humans, all the little drops, the little man became a great man. He went on his great travels as a little man with the dream to find his place, his path and himself. And what he found were places, where he did not always felt home, but that were unknown before, and known now. And he started a path, that is surely not always easy and comfortable to walk, but it is his path and he wants to walk it. And about finding himself… Well, the little man found other humans that made him feel safe and accepted and loved. And all the places, paths and humans made him grow, made him be closer to himself and finally made him becoming a great man. But dare you think the great mans adventure is ending here! He just began finding what he is looking for. Now, being better prepared and being deeply, deeply loved by many humans, the great man will go on even greater travels!

- about a great man